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WWF in the Congo Basin

WWF offices in the Green Heart of Africa
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WWF’s Green Heart of Africa (GHoA) global conservation programme for the Congo Basin focuses its resources on the five countries of the Central African region that hold the most important dense humid forest areas and most significant populations of iconic wildlife species: these are Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Gabon.

Our country offices

With a very strong presence in 28 field bases and offices across the region, We work in the field through involvement in five national programmes.

CCPO (Cameroon Country Programme Office)

GCPO (Gabon Country Programme Office)

Central Africa Republic (CAR)
CAR CPO (CAR Country Programme Office)

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
DRC CPO (DRC Country Programme Office)

Republic of Congo (RoC)
Programme managed by WWF-Gabon

Waterfall near Campo Ma'an in southern Cameroon
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WWF works to protect the natural heritage of Cameroon, home to a rich ecological, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity and one of the primary hosts to the Congo Basin which holds over 15% of the world’s remaining tropical forests
Dzanga Bai (CAR)
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The landscape known as the "Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas" (south-western region of CAR) is the biggest intact forest remaining in the country. WWF operates in this unique natural haven to help protect its impressive biodiversity.
Gorilla gorilla beringei Mountain gorilla Family interaction during midday rest Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Over 50% of Africa’s tropical forests are found in DRC, where WWF has been working since more than 30 years to protect its exceptionally rich biodiversity, including many rare and endemic species
Elephants on the beach, Gamba complex, Gabon
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Gabon is essential to WWF’s Green Heart of Africa (GHoA) initiative. The country extends along the Atlantic Ocean line and is 80% covered by forests. 13 national parks protect a spectacular array of tropical wildlife and some of the most majestic scenery in the world.
Chimpanzees caught on camera trap
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Low population density (in particular in northern Congo) and low road density has helped the conservation of rich rainforest wildlife. The thinly inhabited rainforest of northern Congo, spread over 160,000 km², is a priority place for the long term conservation of large mammals in the Congo Basin.
Nki Falls, Nki National Park, Cameroon
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Spread over three countries - Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and Gabon - the Tri National Dja-Odzala-Minkébé (TRIDOM) transborder forest covers 178,000 km², or 10% of the Congo Basin rainforest.