Anti-poaching: Ivory seizure in Goma

Posted on 16 May 2018
Elephant tusks
© Juristrale
Efforts to tackle poaching in the DRC continue to bear fruit thanks to the financial support of USAID and technical  support of WWF within the framework of the ALCRIF Project (Application des Lois Contre la Criminalité Faunique - Wildlife Crime Law Enforcement) managed by the NGO Juristrale.
A police raid conducted on Saturday, May 12, 2018 in Goma DRC allowed the arrest of an ivory trafficker and  seizure of a 10 kg ivory package consisting of 2 tusks respectively 7 kg and 3 kg.
The person arrested for detention of a fully protected species according to the legal provisions: Art. 78, paragraph 1 of Law No. 14/003 of 11th February 2014 on the conservation of nature, was transferred to the Goma High Court on May 14, 2018 at 12 o'clock.
He faces one year to ten years prison sentence and a fine of five million to twenty million Congolese francs or only one of these two penalties.
The collaboration with the Congolese National Police, the ICCN, the provincial and legal authorities allowed the success of this operation. 
Elephant tusks
© Juristrale Enlarge